Hi, my name is Zakia! I'm a mom of 4, A feisty Pisces and a boss... but this was not always my story!
I had a really shitty year in 2017 which lead me to start this business in February 2018. I became obsessed with spirituality because it was the only thing that helped me feel better during my depression. Spirituality was freedom for me, it was different from religion and I felt like my views on it should be shared to help other people going through similar things as me. I started to collect healing crystals (Quartz is my favorite) I started to pray more, connect with God and my ancestors and I learned about different healing herbs (such as burning sage to clear your space.) 
I decided to share my story with the world through products so I came up with the t-shirt "Sage, Crystals & Trap Music" and that was my way into the spiritual community, I haven't looked back since.
Please email Zakia@QuartZandRainbows.com for booking or collaborations.
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