Relax & Calm TF Down Incense By Quartz & Rainbows
Whew, these past couple of years have been ALOT for us all! This incense was created for the girls who need a break. Light this subtle lavender-scented stick & breathe; take a moment to be present. Each reusable tube includes 20...
$14.00 $10.00
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Rich Girl Aura Incense by Quartz & Rainbows
Hey Rich Girl! Rich girl aura was created for the girls who are ready to enjoy the fruits of their labor. This sweet pink lemonade scent not only gives tropical rich girl vacation vibes but a reminder to continue to...
$14.00 $10.00
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You are magical as F*CK affirmation cards
We are so excited to introduce our new affirmations deck! This deck includes 44 cards that were created to help remind you of your MAGIC!  Shuffle your cards. Pull as many cards as you need to, as often as you...
$35.00 $20.00
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Quartz & Rainbows Manifestation Cards (Pack of 5) - Rainbow
Our business cards are a hit & many of you have asked me to sell them so I have decided to do it for a limited time only to celebrate my 5-year anniversary (February 2023!) Each pack includes 5 cards....
$9.00 from $6.00
  • Rainbow
  • Pink
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