Quartz & Rainbows Manifestation Faux Checkbook


The 1st time I wrote myself a check was after watching “The Secret” on DVD. My 14-year-old daughter was a toddler back then & honestly I wasn’t aligned with what I was asking for, so I didn’t take it seriously (who knows where that check is.)

Now everything I write down I manifest in my real life to the point where these days I spend time praying to be prepared for the blessings when they come because I KNOW they are coming (sooner than later.)

This is not your average boring-ass checkbook... these checks are colorful, bright & full of positive words & numbers to help remind you of the abundance that you deserve!

Write as many checks as you want, gift them to friends add them to vision boards, set them up on your altar or sacred place, or even burn them. Whatever method you decide is fine, just make sure that you believe you deserve abundance (& believe it’s on the way!) 

2.75 x 6 inches, 60 checks per book

Click HERE to learn more on YouTube.

***Our checks are for manifestation purposes only, they are not bank issued checks.***

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Quartz & Rainbows Manifestation Faux Checkbook
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