The Magical Vendors List *2021 EDITION*

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Our Magical Vendors List has been updated to include all vendors used on my site up until June 2021 - the previous list included vendors used up until November 2020, but it lacked our new custom item vendors.


After over 3 years of research, trial & error (and lots of money spent) I created this list to help those who are truly serious about starting their business. This list is not full of random vendors, only trusted vendors that I have used myself!

My custom packaging vendor is also on this list (also the same company that prints my planners, journals, notepads & affirmation cards) as well as other packaging options that I have used.

This list includes the vendor for my credit card-style business cards, custom dad caps, custom necklaces, custom croc charms, and more!

Some vendors will require you to create an account with a sales & use tax number for wholesale pricing. Some businesses also require a minimum purchase (most are reasonable, $100 or less.)

I suggest downloading WhatsApp, it's the preferred method of communication with some vendors provided.


The price of this list is higher than the previous list because it is way more valuable. If you have purchased the previous list before you can email me for a special discount code (only for customers who had our 1st vendors list, the discount code is not valid during sales.)



***All sales are final, no refunds, no exceptions.***

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The Magical Vendors List *2021 EDITION*
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