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Don't Block Your Blessings, Bitch!

This is my 1st ebook I wrote in 2018 after I truly learned to trust God & my abilities to manifest a better life for myself. 

Start Your Business, Bitch!

I wrote this at the end of 2018 after realizing that things were going much smoother than I imagined during my 1st year of business. People often don't start their business thinking that they need to have everything figured out. I always suggest starting with what you have; sometimes before you think you're ready. 

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Dear Fear: Fuck You!

By 2019 I was really feeling myself after watching things manifest fast simply by me just believing in myself and choosing faith over fear.


Year 4: Still Standing

I wrote this the day before my 4 year business anniversary to encourage someone to keep going through tough times, I had no idea I would still be doing this 4 years later.

Credit is power, get you some!

I made it to the 700 club after being stuck in the 500s for years!! Credit is so important and it's not as scary as I once thought it was. I have had my car repossessed, eviction notices and more but that was not my final story and it doesn't need to be yours either. You don't need to waste money on credit repair, you just need disciple. 



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